Spike Train Analysis Network


Spike Train Analysis Network


This website is a portal for activities of the Spike Train Analysis Network. The Network was originally funded by the EPSRC to promote collaboration and the development of novel analysis techniques for neural data analysis. It grew out of a successful 2-week workshop run in Newcastle from 28th August – 8th September 2006.

Main network activities:

  • Funding for travel and subsistence to allow network member to visit each other and collaborate.
  • Running a regular seminar series. Seminars are physically held in Newcastle, but are broadcast live over the internet allowing participation by the dispersed ‘virtual community’ which forms the network.
  • Hosting discussion and comment on topical issues in spike train analysis on this web site.
  • Dissemination of advances in the field to experimentalists who could benefit from using the methods developed. One example of this was the Dissemination Workshop
  • Furthering analysis methods such as in the 'Neural data analysis: learning from other disciplines' Workshop; the aim of which was to bring together scientists from a variety of areas who analyse complex data, with the goal of exploring whether their methods could be useful in neural data analysis.

The Network is hosted by Newcastle University, managed by Prof. Stuart Baker.

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